Aging Wellness

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Aging Wellness

As we age, we produce fewer and fewer new cells to replace and replenish old cells. The things like collagen and elastin that support our cells are also produced in smaller amounts. We also have fewer stem cells as we age. Possessing fewer numbers of stem cells is thought to be a significant contributor to aging.

Some other known contributors to aging are:


  • Diet
  • Disease
  • Genetic
  • Environmental factors; sunlight exposure & injuries accumulate over time


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Conventional Therapy

It includes long term medication, supplement, or some kind of injection. They may have very little help, and may not have obvious and long lasting improvement.

Solution: Stem Cell Therapy

Da Vinci Clinic, one of the Best Aesthetic Clinics in town, we have Stem Cell Therapy to repair and regenerate cells at its cellular level towards achieving the cells optimum potential to function. Collectively this is able to create a system and function that improves our body becoming healthier and stronger.

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