Breast Augmentation


  • Small Breast
  • Saggy Breast
  • Imbalance Breast Size
  • Disproportional Nipple and Areola


Suffering from a lack of confidence? Your clothes are not fitting you better? You fear wearing strapless tops and tight dresses? You think that the proportions of your body are not harmonious? Needlessly to say for many women, the size and shape of their breasts can cause unhappiness and insecurity.

Breast Enlargement Da Vinci Clinic in Mid Valley, KL, Malaysia

Solution: Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can restore and improve the shape and the size of your breasts after weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Moreover, it’s the perfect choice for women with small or asymmetrical breasts, or with sagging breasts that, for any reason, have lost their volume. We at Da Vinci Medical use safe & modern techniques. We generally offer three types of procedures: augmentation, reduction and reconstruction and breasts lift.

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