Joint Refinement

Joint Refinement Da Vinci Clinic in Mid Valley, KL, Malaysia

Joint Refinement


Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders develop because of wear and tear caused by aging, repetitive motion, physical activity or sports, and trauma.

Musculoskeletal injuries i.e. osteoarthritis, tendonitis, fractures, and muscle / ligament / tendon strains and sprains, typically cause inflammation, fatigue, pain, decreased range of motion, and eventually complete loss of function for many individuals.


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Solution: Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells works best when the body is injured and repair is needed to restore function. Hence with the stimulation of cells to replace dying injured cells, cell therapy is able to regenerate newer cells to cope with the ongoing activities and resume live cells again and again. ​ Da Vinci Clinic, one of the best aesthetic clinics, providing Stem Cell Therapy to improve your situation.

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