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  • Flat Nose
  • Ill-Defined Nose
  • Short Nose Tip


The nose defines the balance of the face and a beautifully shaped nose that is in balance with the rest of the features defines beauty. A well-shaped nose has a straight bridge, a neat rounded tip and nostrils that are the ideal size in proportion to the rest of the nose. If you have a flat nasal bridge, a round and bulbous tip, and a short, wide nose, you may like to consider a nose filler treatment.

Solution: Nose Filler

Dermal Fillers for nose bridge and tip enhancement are a softer and more quicker procedure to looking young. These ‘fillers’ reshape the nose tip bridge, plump, fill in depressed area of the mid face thereby giving a more slimmer and defined nose. Dermal Fillers create immediate results that can last anywhere from 1-3 years without any swelling or recovery time. It is mostly suitable for individuals looking for a non-surgical option and no downtime.

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