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Redefine a misshapen nose with Da Vinci Medical

The nose defines the balance of the face and a beautifully shaped nose that is in balance with the rest of the features defines beauty. A well-shaped nose has a straight bridge, a neat rounded tip and nostrils that are of ideal sizes in proportion to the rest of the nose.

A misshapen nose can affect men and women of all ages. This condition can include one of a range of imperfections on the nose, such as: a flat bridge, a bump on the bridge (dorsal hump), crooked nose or a lifted tip.

The appearance of a misshapen nose can look different from person to person and is often the result of an irregularity with the skin, bone or cartilage. Genetics may result in a person having had a misshapen nose from birth, whereas others may find they develop this concern by way of injury or trauma, or following a surgical procedure.


When the cartilage or bone has suffered trauma the natural process of healing and repair encourages calcium deposits to accumulate at the site of injury. It is this build-up that can lead to an irregularity with the nose’s natural form. As a dominant facial feature, an unsatisfactory appearance can unbalance the rest of the face and affect the way a person perceives their personal aesthetics.

Most common causes of Misshapen Nose

  • Genetics
  • Trauma or injury
  • Irregularities to the bone, skin or cartilage
  • Trauma through surgery

At Da Vinci Medical Clinics we offer a variety of treatment options to help control your Misshapen Nose. Please scroll to see the related treatments.

Our approach

We are understanding, caring and medically led. Our aesthetic practitioners have both medical knowledge and a creative eye making them perfectly placed to help you to redefine your misshapen nose. Rebalancing the most focal point of your face helps to improve your overall well-being.

Our nose procedures able to reshape the nose; it can reduce or increase the size, alter the shape of the tip or bridge and the span of the nostrils, as well as change the angle between the nose and the upper lip. We do all these through the reshaping of soft tissues. This requires a delicate balance between the size, shape, contours and definition of the nasal bridge and tip.

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