Saggy & Dull Skin Juvederm Volite Injection


Juvederm Volite uses injectable HA to boost smoothness, hydration, and elasticity of the skin. That way it helps to get rid of dull and saggy skin. It can successfully be used in various parts of the body, including the face, neck, hands, and décolleté area. It’s also one of the first products on the market designed for the improvement of skin characteristics.

Juvederm Volite Injection

The unique formula has the ability to plump up skin to create a more radiant and youthful look.

Studies have shown that the results of Juvederm Volite can last up to nine months with just one treatment session. In clinical studies, the Volite filler has shown to provide significant improvements in skin quality for up to six months, eliminating the need for multiple treatments.

Juvederm Volite should be administered intradermally (injected within the skin layers) by a fully-trained physician to create smoother skin and a healthy glow. The skin tightening treatment also helps to counter the effects of saggy skin for great looking skin that you can feel confident about. Juvederm Volite is also unique because it deeply penetrates the skin to refresh and rejuvenate without negative side effects. The improving effects of Volite also goes on by stimulating the body’s own natural collagen.

If you’re struggling with dull, tired-looking skin with sunken cheeks and forehead lines on the face or crepey skin with wrinkles on the hands, Juvederm Volite may help. Juvederm skin tightening treatments have a long and positive track record of delivering safe, natural looking results.

  • Procedure Time 60 mins
  • Downtime Skin Redness
  • Anaesthesia Numb Cream
  • Result Duration 9-12 months
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