Saggy & Dull Skin Medlite C6 Laser


The Medlite C6 laser heats up the epidermis by putting out an energetic laser light. The energy penetrates and absorbs pigment on your skin and also stimulates new collagen production. Once the new collagen is produced it contracts and tightens your skin reducing dull and saggy skin. Giving you the final result of beautiful glowing skin. The treatment entails no down time, no anaesthetic, and minimal discomfort. We have had many clients fall asleep during this process. You will hear snapping noises much like a rubber band on your skin and is perfectly normal as the laser will react with imperfections on the skin such as fine hairs. You will feel a slight sting and a warm sensation as the laser follows the contour of your skin.

  • Procedure Time 30-60 mins
  • Downtime No
  • Anaesthesia Numb Cream
  • Result Duration 30 days
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