Sexual Stimulation Mesenchymal Anti-Aging (Msc)


DV Sexual Health and Fertility Stimulation

Da Vinci Medical offers Stem Cell Therapy that brings hope and alternative treatment for sexual health and fertility stimulation. Stem Cell Therapy focuses on repairing and regenerating cells, treating the root cause and reversing the dysfunctional state. It is the safest and the most natural treatment, which does not have side effects. It doesn’t also contradict with any other conditions.


Step 1: Assessment & Pre Procedural Investigations

  • a) Consultation with Stem Cell Therapy Advisors
  • b) Gather health information and data

Step 2: Examination & Investigations

  • a) Blood Screening + Urine Test (Full + Hormonal Life Extension Profiling + Bio Assay Microscopy)
  • b) Cardiac Assessment: ECG
  • c) Lungs Check: Spirometry
  • d) Ultrasound Scan
  • e) Bone Densitometer

Step 3: Priming for Stem Cell Treatment IV Therapy with Stem Cell Primer

Step 4: Cell Therapy Infusion Deployment of Stem Cell + Growth Factors

Mesenchymal Anti-Aging (Msc)
  • Procedure Time 3 hours
  • Downtime Subject to individual body reaction. Some clients might feel fever or tired or energetic (7-10 days). Advise not to travel after treatment within a week
  • Anaesthesia Numb Cream
  • Result Duration 1-2 years
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