Skin Brightening & Toning Rejuvenation Lutronic Spectra XT Laser


Spectra offers the best in class minimal downtime skin brightening and rejuvenation with superior color coverage. The technically advanced Spectra system offers an edge over the other laser machines and provides enhanced clinical outcomes.

A New Nd:YAG Based Multiplatform
  • Gold Toning
  • RuVY Touch
  • Revital Treatment
  • The Extended Platform - Gold Toning / Ruvy Touch / Revital Treatment
  • SPECTRA XT is the latest new cutting-edge device from Lutronic Corporation

The Spectra XT is called “The Extended Platform” because of its widely-extended clinical indications and applications as compared to previous similar devices currently on the market.

  1. Minimizes potential side effects such as PIH that usually occurs as a result of inflammation.
  2. Lightens post-acne redness and also helps in the reduction of inflammation.
  3. Removes or lightens the appearance of melasma as melanin and melanosomes in the skin are selectively destroyed by the laser energy.
  4. The laser energy simply targets the ink particles, and the energy shatters them into small fragments which are removed out of our body.
Lutronic Spectra XT Laser
Lutronic Spectra XT Laser
Lutronic Spectra XT Laser
Lutronic Spectra XT Laser
Lutronic Spectra XT Laser
  • Procedure Time 60 mins
  • Downtime Mild Redness 2 to 3 hours
  • Anaesthesia Numb Cream
  • Result Duration 30 days
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