Stretch Marks Dermapen


The Dermapen is a fantastic new dermatological treatment which can help minimise stretch marks permanently. It's all part of a new line of treatments which fall into the category of micro-needling – the use of tiny needles to treat scars all over the body.

The Dermapen is a small device that looks… well, just like a pen! Except this unique device has microscopic needles all over the top. These needles are run gently over the skin, creating hundreds of tiny little punctures in the skin’s surface. These minuscule injuries jump-start the body’s natural defence and repair systems, causing an instant increase in collagen and elastin – the two vital proteins which give your skin its elasticity and plumpness.

When the Dermapen is rolled gently over stretch marks, the increased collagen and elastin works to repair the scarring, helping the surrounding skin to regenerate in a natural, minimally invasive way. Results can first be observed after around six weeks, but you’ll see the best results if you continue coming for regular Dermapen treatments for around three months.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types, unlike laser treatments, which are better suited to some over others. It can also be used anywhere on the body completely safely – so whether you stretchmarks appear on your legs, your stomach or your chest, the Dermapen can be used to rejuvenate the surrounding skin and minimise the appearance of these scars. The treatment can also be tailored to suit each individual – so whether your stretch marks are light or severe, there’s a Dermapen option that will provide excellent results.

  • Procedure Time 30-60 mins
  • Downtime Skin Redness
  • Anaesthesia Numb Cream
  • Result Duration Permanent (Required few sessions)
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