Stretch Marks Endymed Pure 2.0 Microneedling RF


Non-invasive radio frequency for getting rid of stretch marks. RF thermal stimulation is believed to result in a micro inflammatory process that promotes new collagen. The PURE 2.0 is powered by innovative, FDA approved 3DEEP RF technology. EndyMed’s 3DEEP is the most effective and focused RF technology available today. Unlike Monopolar or Bipolar RF technologies, which are superficial and can often be painful or risky to the epidermis, 3DEEP delivers controlled energy deep into the dermis, reaching 52°C - 55°C, with minimal epidermal heat for optimal, painless collagen remodeling.

EndyMed’s RF Microneedling treatments are superior to all other microneedle treatments today, and unlike all other microneedle applicators in the market today, only EndyMed’s RF Microneedle handpiece has unique smooth glide needle insertion technology that provides comfortable and safe treatments with no bruising, bleeding or side-effects for stretch mark removal.

Clarity Lutronic LP Skin Tight Laser
Clarity Lutronic LP Skin Tight Laser
Clarity Lutronic LP Skin Tight Laser
  • Procedure Time 30-60 mins
  • Downtime Skin Redness
  • Anaesthesia Numb Cream
  • Result Duration Permanent (Required few sessions)
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