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  • Droopy Face


As we age pockets of fat, lying beneath the skin lose volume. The effects of gravity weaken ligaments that hold the skin and pockets of fat together. The result is face starts to drop creating jowls and folds. Face Lift is a solution to this situation. However a permanent face lift is a major surgical procedure involving a general anesthetic, long operating time, prolonged downtime with significant bruising, swelling and pain and not to mention costs a lot of money. The majority of us are not prepared to go down that route. However, as we age and develop sagging skin, we all want to do something to provide a little lift and rejuvenation.

Solution: Thread Lift

Thread lifts are a non-surgical alternative to the traditional face lift. Of course the results of a thread lift are not comparable to that of a full face lift. However, at a fraction of the cost, quick treatment time, no general anaesthetic, minimal bruising and pain and practically no downtime it is a fantastic option for many. At Da Vinci Medical, we use absorbable and strong resilient threads.

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