Stem Cells Treatment

At Da Vinci Medical, we understand the crucial role of stem cells in replenishing and regenerating the body. Stem cells are unique cells capable of replicating and regenerating themselves. They can also differentiate into various specialized tissues and cells within the human body.

The primary function of stem cells is to replenish the body with new cells, replacing those that are aging, damaged, or dying daily. When the supply of stem cells diminishes, the number of aging and dying cells increases without adequate replacement. This imbalance can contribute to several effects of aging.


At Da Vinci Medical, Stem Cell Therapy involves increasing the number of stem cells in your body to treat illnesses and enhance overall well-being. This therapy ensures that the production of new cells can compensate for the removal of old cells. However, generating millions of stem cells daily is beyond the capability of our bodies.

Therefore, at Da Vinci Medical, stem cells are cultivated and expanded in a sterile laboratory environment before being injected into your body. This meticulous process ensures that optimal safety and cleanliness standards are met, maximizing the therapy’s effectiveness and potential benefits for your health.

(1) Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (IPSC):

  • Functioned as Embryonic Stem Cell
  • Obtain from blood cells in Autologous method (own cells)


(2) Umbilical Cord Stem Cell:

  • Functioned as Pluripotent Stem Cell 


(3) Adipose Derived Stem Cell (ADSC):

  • Known as Multipotent Stem Cell (MSC) 
  • Obtain from fat cells in Autologous method (own cells)

When our body’s natural production of stem cells declines, we may rely on injected stem cells for support. However, procuring a sufficient quantity of stem cells can be challenging.

At Da Vinci Medical, we specialize in stem cell therapies that include advanced techniques for expanding stem cells in a controlled environment outside the body. This process, known as stem cell expansion, aims to increase their numbers while preserving their potency and functionality. Once expanded, these stem cells can be reintroduced into the body as part of therapeutic treatments. This approach harnesses their regenerative potential to aid in healing and rejuvenation processes, offering innovative solutions to support your health and wellness goals.

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