Aesthetic Medicine in 2024

New year and new progress in Aesthetic Medicine. Advancement in technology, new machines and new treatments. But what’s the focus in 2024? What people want nowadays? Aesthetic demand is increasing and quality of treatment is most important.

Number 1 is a focus into treatments with minimal downtime. Our society is fast paced and we are busy with work always. Society wants good results with either no downtime or minimal downtime. Da Vinci Clinic focuses as a “No Downtime Clinic’. New laser machines (Yellow laser, Pico laser) and new face lifting machines provide good results without affecting your busy schedules.

Next is a focus into hybrid treatments or combination treatments. 1 plus 1 is not 2 but is 3. For example, a combination treatment of Cynoglow includes the Cynosure Potenza and Cynosure PicoSure Pro. Combination provides amazing results as we treat the skin from in depth level to superficial level.

New injectables are emerging from the market. From exosomes to polynucleotides and to hyaluronic acid. New development of injectables to focus on skin repair, skin glow and collagen formation.

Patient safety and care is also another focus. Safety is important and it depends on the quality of the machines. Clients would always choose a safe clinic with a good track record. We have seen too many dangerous complications happen in many unregistered beauty centres. So, safety is the utmost priority.

Non-invasive aesthetic treatments have also been a priority for many people. People do not want needles and do not want surgery. Non-invasive treatments that produces good results is a must and top choice. Da Vinci Clinic focuses on minimal downtime, combination treatments, patient safety and non-invasive treatments. We strive to give you the best and latest aesthetic treatments in the industry.

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