Cellulite Skin Tightening & Firming Fractional Co2 Laser with RF


SmartXide DOT® is the only CO₂ laser that works through pulsed emission, utilizing two innovative technologies: SmartPulse and SmartStack.

Fractional CO2 skin tightening removes the top layer of skin, the epidermis, to promote collagen formation and the retraction of the dermis and epidermis to tighten skin. This is perfect to treat the fine lines around the eyes, the mouth as well as the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

CO2 Fractional Laser uses scanning technology to make sure not only tightens sagging skin and smooths out deep wrinkles, it is also able to resurface the face and remove acne scars, dark aging spots, uneven pigmentation, and sun damage. All of the top layers of skin are targeted with carbon dioxide which eliminates aging and damaged skin cells. This can be used to treat the face, neck, décolletage, hands and other troubled parts of the body

The SmartPulse technology and the SmartStack function guarantee maximum reliability in controlling the depth of vaporization and the non-ablative thermal effect on the skin. Minimal thermal damage to the surrounding tissue guarantees rapid recovery for the patient. SmartXide DOT® is indicated to treat even the most complex cases, such as tattoos, scarring, surface pigmentation and deep wrinkles, tailoring treatments and downtime to the patient’s needs.

Fractional Co2 Laser with RF
Fractional Co2 Laser with RF
Fractional Co2 Laser with RF
  • Procedure Time 30-60 mins
  • Downtime No
  • Anaesthesia No
  • Result Duration Permanent (Required few sessions)
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