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The colouring of the skin is referred to as its pigmentation. A pigmentation disorder will cause a change in the colour of the skin, which is controlled by the amount of melanin that is present. Hyperpigmentation is when the skin develops darker patches, such as age spots.

This condition is often found to be harmless that causes discomfort of cosmetic nature. Exposure to the sun, trauma or injury to the skin and hormonal changes are the most likely reasons for developing discolouration to the skin, usually causing small patches of darker skin on various parts of the face or body.

Older people are most often affected by pigmentation issues which gives the perception that this condition is an age related concern. This is not always the case but is simply that it develops over time. Areas where pigmentation is most likely to be seen includes: the face, shoulders, neck and hands.

Melasma & Pigmentation

Pigmentation marks are caused by special cells (melanocytes) in the skin that make melanin, a pigment that affects the colour of skin. When these special cells are damaged or unhealthy, melanin production is affected; some disorders affect the entire body, whereas others just affect patches of skin. High levels of melanin cause darker skin, low levels cause lighter skin, and total or partial lack of melanin results in the disorder Albinism. At our clinic, we have a range of treatments available to reduce abnormal pigmentation.

Melasma (Or Chloasma) becomes visible with brown or greyish spots and patches. It is a skin concern primarily found in adult women between the ages of 20 and 40. It can affect men as well, and is usually more pronounced in the summer months. It is not contagious or a disease, but it can be unpleasant and upsetting.

Melasma can occur on various areas of the body, especially on visible areas like the cheeks, nose and forehead. It can also be triggered by hormonal imbalances, hence those who are pregnant, or on the contraceptive pill or who are diagnosed with polycystic ovaries (POCS) are more prone to this type of pigmentation. Ninety percent of sufferers are female and.

Most common causes of Pigmentation & Melasma

  • Sun exposure
  • Over production of Melanin
  • Medical conditions
  • Injury or trauma to the skin, ie; acne scarring or burns
  • Ageing
  • Hormonal Change

At Da Vinci Medical Clinics we offer a variety of treatment options to help control your Pigmentation. Please scroll to see the related treatments.

Our approach

Our team of experts have the medical knowledge and aesthetic understanding to determine the treatment that can produce the best possible outcome for reducing the appearance of pigmentation. A successful treatment at Da Vinci Medical Clinics can restore a more even tone to the skin.

Melasma & Pigmentation
Melasma & Pigmentation
Melasma & Pigmentation
Melasma & Pigmentation
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