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Unwanted, excess hair can be found anywhere on the face or body on both men and women, causing particular concern when it grows on the lip, chin and nipple. And, maintaining a hairless appearance can be nearly impossible.

Removing unwanted body hair can turn into a full time job if you let it, constantly tweezing, shaving, and waxing also adds strain to your skin, meaning that you have to spend more time and money on skincare. Luckily, there are a permanent hair removal solutions available.

We use only the most advanced laser technology to remove unwanted body hair and stop the hair growth. Our lasers target and destroy the hair follicles, which eliminates hair growth. Thanks to advances in laser technology, we can now permanently remove body hair from clients of all skin tones and types.

Permanent Hair Removal

In just a few sessions, you could remove unsightly, embarrassing and inconvenient hair from your legs, face, underarms and nearly any other part of your face or body.This not only shaves (pun intended!) countless minutes off your time to get ready, but also lets you choose outfits with confidence, knowing your skin will look its best.

Laser hair removal uses light energy to permanently damage or destroy individual hair follicles. This treatment targets the roots beneath the surface of the skin using a medical grade laser to prevent regrowth.

The hair follicle must be targeted at a specific time during its growth cycle to prevent the hair from returning. As individual hairs could be in different parts of the hair growth cycle at any one time, you will need several treatment sessions to see long-lasting results. Laser hair removal is suitable for men and women with all skin tones. It works on your entire body, including sensitive areas such as the face and bikini line. Popular targets include facial hair, leg hair, bikini area, underarm hair, back hair and chest hair.

Our approach

At Da Vinci Medical we have many years of laser hair removal experience and a great comfort with treating all types of body areas and skin colors. Several genetic factors are taken into consideration, some of which include, skin tone and hair color, in order to devise a hair removal treatment plan that will work for you. Additionally, all patients being treated for laser hair removal are first seen by a dermatologist to screen for possible complicating medical issues. By creating individualized Laser Hair Removal treatment plans, our clinic ensures that you are receiving safe, effective treatments - we will give you the results you desire for a Healthier and More Beautiful Life.

Permanent Hair Removal
Permanent Hair Removal
Permanent Hair Removal
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