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Do you prefer to leave the lights off? For some women, this has become a normal request in the bedroom due to self-consciousness about cellulite, wrinkles, droopy breasts and not so-taut tummies. Yet there’s one area of insecurity that many women don’t mention: embarrassing dark or discolored areas down there. While discoloration in these intimate areas is natural many men and women find it not-so-desirable.

I fact looking after your intimate regions is just as important as your outer appearance. Many women have insecurities about the colour of their vagina and areas surrounding the vagina. This could be the consequence of various hair removal techniques or as a result of ageing, hormones imbalances and/or genetics, that has left their intimate regions darker in colour and discoloured.

Vagina Brightening

Needless to say, discoloration around and on the vagina, often makes it difficult for women to get intimate with their loved one’s or they find themselves restricted to the lingerie or swimwear that they would like to wear. These insecurities can now be diminished by vaginal brightening treatments at Da Vinci Medical.

Most common cause of vaginal darkening

Intimate areas are often covered by layers of clothes throughout the year and are less likely to be exposed to environmental elements. In addition, they often come in close contact with other areas of the body, and that trapped heat can cause them to darken over time. Therefore, a larger concentration of melanin forms, which is the primary ingredient of human skin tone. Hormones, aging and weight gain are also other contributing factors to darkening of the genital areas.

The result? Darker skin in these private areas. Although it is completely natural, some men and women don’t like the appearance because it disrupts the flow of their skin tone. Even if these areas are moisturized well, the skin tone will still be darker.

Our approach

Our aestheticians understand the concerns that bother you. They will be able to assess the cause of your discomfort and recommend the right treatment option for you so that you leave Da Vinci Medical Clinics feeling amazing with a renewed sense of confidence and incredible skin down there.

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