What is HIFU?

HIFU Treatment in KL

Treatment June 8, 2024 Types of Keloids – [Cloned #11013] High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a cutting-edge non-invasive treatment that offers a range of aesthetic benefits, particularly in facial rejuvenation. HIFU is considered a safe and effective procedure for tightening facial skin, reducing wrinkles, lifting sagging skin, and enhancing various facial features like cheeks, eyebrows, […]

Types of Keloids

Keloid scar treatment, Da Vinci Clinic

Treatment June 3, 2024 Acne Facial – [Cloned #9931] Keloids are a type of abnormal scar that can develop after skin injury, such as surgery, burns, piercings, or acne. These scars are characterized by excessive collagen deposition, which leads to the formation of raised, firm, and often itchy or painful lesions that extend beyond the […]

Acne Facial

Acne Facial

Indications May 14, 2024 Cherry Angioma – [Cloned #9873] What is the importance of Acne Facial? Acne facials involve thorough cleansing and exfoliation techniques specifically designed to target clogged pores, excess oil, and dead skin cells. By removing these impurities, acne facials help prevent further breakouts and promote a clearer complexion.  Acne-prone skin is often […]

Radiesse & Ellanse

radiesse, ellanse

Indications May 2, 2024 Open Pores – [Cloned #9275] Collagen biostimulators are getting more popular in today’s aesthetic advancement. Mainly because of its ability to provide natural results and flexibility. Radiesse and Ellanse are 2 of the most used collagens biostimulators today. Radiesse is a collagen biostimulator made from synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), in glycerin, […]

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Treatment April 19, 2024 Types of Pico Laser – [Cloned #1096] Tattoo ink is pushed into the skin by inserting it into the deepest layers of the skin, specifically the dermis, which is located below the epidermis where new cells are constantly shed. The tattoo needle, coated with ink, punctures the skin multiple times per […]

Types of Pico Laser

Pico Laser Treatment in KL

Treatment January 9, 2024 Types of Pico Laser Pico Laser is 1 of the most famous laser in the aesthetic industry. It is an ultra-short pulse duration laser and each laser pulse is at a pico second (one trillionth of a second). Pico laser is mainly used for breaking down pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and also […]

Hair Treatments Available in Da Vinci Clinic

Treatment January 9, 2024 Hair Treatments Available in Da Vinci Clinic Hair treatments are becoming more famous in today’s time. Be it Hair removal or hair restoration, both are important. Unwanted hair can occur due to genetic factors, hormonal imbalance or some medical conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Unwanted hair can overgrow on […]

Facelift Treatments

Treatment January 9, 2024 Facelift Treatments Facial sagging is common and occur to everyone. Aging is 1 of the main reasons for facial sagging to occur. As time passes by, we have facial volume loss, fat loss and bone loss. Non-surgical facelift treatments are sought after by many people. Reason is because, people are not […]